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de-Kolonisieren durch internationale Netzwerke: Der "Mending Room" an Boals Methoden-Baum

Ein Mending Room der Kolleg*innen im Theater der Unterdrückten brachte einen Wunsch aus Brixton: in THE JOKER GARDENS .  Exactly 1 year and 1 day after the First Joker Exchange Online (April 11th 2020) we meet in "The Mending Room" to explore the following questions: - "How can art help us decolonize the future?" - "How can the ancestral songline/songspiral knowing expand our ways of acting and seeing the world" - "What have we learnt in this year of the pandemic?" The Mending Room is one of the first creative arts projects that aim to Mend back Brixton by regrouping and renewing collective strategies of resistance against police racism, racial oppression and injustice. It comes from a community-led programme called 81 Acts of Exuberant defiance Read our Humanifesto here:   Eine Art Zukunftswerkstatt für die Stadt Bri